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“Furious will fade away. Curious will stick in us all…” Carol Moeke and Chloe Allen

Immerse yourself in an emotionally charged voyage of curiosity, betrayal, and artistic exploration in this evocative piece penned by Carol Moeke. Aptly titled “Curious?” this thought-provoking narrative explores the delicate dance between creative collaboration and personal ambition, laying bare the raw emotions when one’s trust is deeply betrayed.

Carol’s eloquent yet hard-hitting language mirrors the turbulence of the human heart, drawing readers into a whirlpool of intense emotions. As she deftly interweaves themes of curiosity, fury, and disillusionment, she illuminates the pain of deception, the bitterness of lost dreams, and the resilience to rise above it all.

Set against the backdrop of creative innovation, “Curious?” delves into the trials and tribulations of a collaborative endeavour that goes awry, exposing the raw human feelings in the wake of betrayal. As the collective creative spirit is exploited for personal gain, the fury of the deceived collaborators gives way to a burning curiosity, a yearning to understand the reason for such treachery.

Chloe Allen’s watercolour illustration, featuring a feral woman, reflects the primal emotions explored in the narrative, adding an extra layer of depth to Carol Moeke’s masterful storytelling. The untamed, raw energy of the watercolour art complements the intense emotional trajectory of the story, amplifying the impact on readers. The woman’s fierce and wild visage in the watercolour portrayal echoes the potent fury and insatiable curiosity detailed in the narrative.

“Curious?” by Carol Moeke, coupled with Chloe Allen’s evocative illustration, delivers an unforgettable journey through the labyrinth of human emotions, from furious rage to enduring curiosity, offering a unique insight into the intricate workings of the human psyche. Through this creative collaboration, they’ve created a masterpiece that tugs at your heartstrings and leaves an indelible mark on your soul.


“Furious will fade away. Curious will stick in us all…”

Fury ran amok.
Sure he was
cool to us
that was before he sold our idea to the smart, the smooth brigade.
I bet he was
to see how much they’d pay
for our work
our dear idea
that we’d nurtured and developed and argued over and listened to each other about and accepted little tweaks that grated
substitutions I had hated
yet let ride
in the interests of
all of us
making it
making it together.
tricking us
scooping up the prize
in his name
his the fame
the churning sickness of the tricked by random flicks of smarting kicks from realised deception.
So yes we were
Furious will fade away.
will stick in us
all because
we’re curious
to know why.



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