One Man’s Utopia Is Another’s Dystopia: Concept Art and Photography With Jeanette Bolton-Martin & Holly McGregor

A thought-provoking photography series by Jeanette Bolton-Martin and Holly McGregor. This collaborative project blurs the lines between concept art and photography, exploring the dichotomous themes of utopia, technological advancement, and the inherent conflict between nature and machinery. Set in a world divided into two factions—the Machina, a group of augmented humans and AI living in a technologically advanced utopia, and the Biologicals, individuals who have rejected technology to reconnect with nature—this series delves into the unexpected evolution of the Biologicals, challenging the Machina’s supremacy. Through stunning visual narratives, Bolton-Martin and McGregor invite viewers to contemplate the complexities of progress and the subjective nature of utopia, asking the pivotal question: which faction would you choose?

Schism is a collaborative project between concept artist Holly McGregor and photographer Jeanette Bolton-Martin. With the idea to explore the limits of our respective disciplines it evolved from a simple idea into a larger narrative, exploring the notions of utopia and technological progression.

In the world of Schism there are two factions:

Machina: augmented humans, cyborgs and AI who inhabit a seeming utopian world free from environmental and social problems.

Biological: people, who rejected the march of technology and sought to re-connect with nature and isolate themselves from the Machina.

However, for some unknown reason be it virus or evolution the Biologicals began to evolve and mirror their environments.

Now possessing strength to rival that of their Machina cousins the battle lines are drawn.

Pick your faction.

Photographer + Writer | Jeanette Bolton-Martin

Concept Artist | Holly McGregor


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