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Barcelona Barcelona: A Love Story by Courtney Connor

An enchanting tale set against the vibrant backdrop of Spain’s most captivating city. This narrative weaves together the lives of its characters with the rich tapestry of Barcelona’s streets, art, and history, encapsulating the essence of passion and romance that the city exudes. Through Connor’s vivid storytelling, readers are transported into a world where love flourishes amidst the architectural marvels and the lively streets of Barcelona. The story is a testament to the city’s magical ability to kindle affection and transform relationships. With each turn of the page, Connor crafts a poignant reminder of how places can be as pivotal in shaping stories of love as the people in them. “Barcelona Barcelona” is more than just a love story; it’s an ode to the city’s undying charm and a journey through the heart’s desires, set in a place where every corner tells a tale of its own.

For a girl that visits the same hairdresser only once, and never watches a movie more than twice, Barcelona you really are an exception. 

I’ve spent two long, sun soaked Birthdays with you and yet I’m still eager to explore your rambling streets. Bury my toes in your sandy beaches again and runaway once more into the night with you. 

I long to go back to the Cotton House Hotel, to wake up in crisp white sheets with rosy, sun kissed cheeks. Where the decor is so divine I could happily hideaway until my flight home, were it not for the pull of the city outside. 

I want to walk along the Marina, to watch little people on their big yachts and wonder what kind of magical lives they must lead, guided only by the sea and a whim. Take a stroll past the market stalls and head for the sand. 

I see the heat on the horizon, feel it soothe my aching bones. I am British, therefore I crave. Let me unroll my towel once more to join the crowds of people that have come here to share the spotlight, on a stage 4.KM long. 

All this sunbathing makes for thirsty work. Makamaka you are the first and only lunchtime choice. A surf shack by the beach with mismatched coloured chairs that stick in your memory like crayons jutting out of their box. I introduce you to all of my friends, because I haven’t met once person yet that doesn’t marvel at the taste of THE DUDE.

Gaudi has left his imprint all across this city. There are too many boxes to tick but let me visit Sagrada Familia another time, for how many times can I gaze up towards the stars and still marvel at the hands of men who lived and breathed centuries ago? 

Retire. Shower. Shake the heat of the day off. The temperature dips enough to indulge in a blush coloured lipstick. The night is only young. 

Watasumi, if I could take you home, I would. Good sushi is hard to find but boy this food is delicious and I can’t stop staring at this view from the top of the bull ring. I realise, away from all the distraction and noise that is ‘daily routine’ that my life is beautiful. Thank you, for reminding me. 

Let me dance again at the Marula Cafe and let my feet feel the freedom that only a good beat and flat shoes can give (who wears heels on holiday anyway?). The sun is asleep but the heat remains, between bodies, between glances, between the moments that could change the night forever. 

To wake up and do it all again. 

Barcelona, it is always you. 


Creative Writer | Courtney Connor
Instagram| @lifewithored

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