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Eight Thoughts on Curiosity with Allen Ashley

It didn’t kill the cat. Yet.

Many animals have curious streaks at least equivalent to a 2 year old human. Who has electronic babysitter devices to safely kill off his/her tendencies?

These days young girls would be well advised to steer clear of rabbit holes.

It was probably a fig, not an apple. Another example of Westernising the Middle East.

The state and the corporations want to know more about your profile than you actively realise yourself. To predict and guide your next clicks of curiosity.

“Curio City” was an online antique detecting game. It failed because none of the artefacts was cursed. Or explosive.

“I wouldn’t stick it in there, old son!” is often misinterpreted as a dare or a come-on.

As we’ve already told you, the worst curse from the opened box was the last curse. Its name? Hope.



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