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Narrow Boat: Creative Writer Bethan Morrell

Writer | Bethan Morrell

Bethan Morrell, the creative mastermind behind the captivating and evocative poem “Narrow Boat,” she navigates us along a serene river journey, inviting us to step aboard, feel the warmth of the sun-kissed roof, and allow the rhythm of the verse to melt our hearts, just as her book does. Every line of her poetry meanders as gently as the river, rich with metaphorical willows bestowing their blessings and playful ducks bobbing parallel. With the ability to transform a seemingly simple boat ride into a profoundly emotional and sensory experience, Morrell reminds us that every moment can be imbued with magic, beauty, and joy.


Of  the  orange
Beak   and   the
All   knowing   cartoon   eyes
With    the    golden    bunny
Standing proud will guide us
As    we    meander.   Willows
Bow    and    give    us    their
Blessing   with   their   touch.
Ducks     bob     parallel     to
The   smiling   faces   of   Jim
And   Rosie.   We   each  have
Our  place.  The  roof  warms
Me  from  the  outside  while
My   book   melts   my   heart,
Much   like   the   ice-creams
That     cause     our     journey
To halt for just a few minutes.
She    hums    gently    as    we
Cruise,     harmonising     with
The  sound  of the waves she’s
Created.  We  smile,
For   she   and   us
Are    Out    ‘n’


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