Illustrator Joe Sparks

Tales Journal is excited to introduce Joe Sparks, a talented illustrator who brings his unique vision to life through his captivating artwork. With a passion for storytelling, Joe creates illustrations that are both visually striking and emotionally evocative, drawing the viewer into the worlds he creates. We will explore Joe’s journey as an artist, his inspirations and influences, and the techniques he uses to create his stunning illustrations. Join us as we delve into the mind of Joe Sparks and discover the magic of his art.


To explore is to revert to a playful state of mind where the world and its curiosities become fascinating through their unfamiliarity. As a child, I watched the family dog explore, discover and scrutinise every detail of the garden on adventures with unparalleled enthusiasm and interest. Attempting to expose this examination of space and detail, my images hope to intrigue the onlooker into studying the content for additional information and clarity, questioning the individual tales hidden within each image.

Illustrator Joe Sparkes 

Facebook: /joesparkesart

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