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Tales Journal, A Must-Read Digital Magazine: Bringing Back Nostalgia to Digital Publications

About Tales

Founded in 2015 and based in the East of England, Tales started as a quarterly creative, submission-based magazine with young adult literature, created by two graduates from the same arts university.

After some time planning a redevelopment, Tales relaunched as an online journal, dropped the “magazine” and now lives as a beautifully curated online blog.

Through magazine subscriptions, Tales brings readers on a magical journey through timeless short story collections, beautiful imagery, and design-led composition.

We offer moments of escapism and nostalgia with a host of amazing creative writing examples for enthusiasts. From Pandora’s Jam Jar: Louis Cennamo to Writer Marion Turner on the Old Curiosity Shop, there are plenty of amazingly creative stories for everyone.

We’ve had over 200 contributors for the past five issues – without any budget! Within weeks of starting up, our founders won Brainchild, a business innovation competition held at the Norwich University of the Arts supported by the biggest publishers in East Anglia, Archant.

We’ve had radio features, spotlights from our digital publishers at Issuu, and reached international milestones, with artistic writing contributions coming in from as far as Japan.

If you love reading magazines online, you’ll love Tales. This PDF online magazine offers you a magnificent experience with a collection of creative nonfiction and fiction showcases – you can even a few past issues to get an idea of what can be expected.

If you’re an aspiring fiction, non fiction, or even science fiction writer, you can boost your creative writing skills by looking at a few great imaginative writing examples.

We also offer advertorial collaborations. Here are some of the brands we have worked with in the past:

Encouraging a Creative Community

Tales creates opportunities for contributors. We are passionate about creative rights. We give creatives fair representation, creative control over their work, retained rights, social media features, and a published Journal spread to include in their portfolio.

This is what makes us different to other press and journals. We look after our contributors and our readers, equally. Building a creative open platform means everything to us.

The Tales community is based on a shared love of art, transparency, and recognising the value of creative pursuit.

Alongside creative writing exercises, unique pieces, poems, and articles, we have striking visuals and illustrations to add.

We have worked with creatives from across the world from different backgrounds and at different stages in their careers. From filmmakers to illustrators, from astronomers to opera singers, every issue will hold a surprise between its pages.

We want to inspire, encourage and support creatives worldwide.

At Tales Magazine, we want to cultivate a wider audience, grow our creative community, and create engaged and happy readers.

We are flexible and adaptable to an ever-changing digital climate, and an independent magazine that covers timeless topics and publishes art that resonates with us, our contributors, and our readers.

We’re not at the mercy of advertisers, like many other ‘independent’ magazines. However, we do love to work with emerging and artistic brands, collaborating on creating beautiful content. We only choose to produce content that we truly believe in.

The Tales Magazine

Every issue of Tales has had its own theme. We investigated in Tales of the Curious, we journeyed in Tales of the Explorer, we soared up with Tales of the Airborne and we shuddered with horror in Tales of All Hallows’ Eve, before finding new strength in Tales of the Empowered. Who knows what mysteries Tales of the Alive will hold?!

Our Tales PDF version could be printed and gifted to someone special; simply let them know they have some Tales-magic coming in the post. This is a great way to let your friends, family, or colleagues experience the magic of Tales and enjoy the stories and illustrations it brings.

Tales Journal is for the daydreamers, and curious looking for a digital magazine/ journal. A bit whimsical, it’s all about the joy of the narrative – a storybook for adults if you will. With stunning visuals and interesting tales, this online journal is definitely something for the creative and imaginative at heart.


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