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Tales of the Curious

Welcome to the first-ever theme of Tales

It feels like it has been years since we first began planning the release of this theme, and it’s strange (but also amazingly excellent) that it’s actually finally here.

When deciding what theme we wanted to work within we both started narrowing down all the little ideas we had in our heads, we were getting closer and closer to things that were odd, quirky and intriguing. A line from one of our favourite stories kept popping into my head:

“Curiouser and curiouser”

No need to guess what story that’s from! Alice in Wonderland has been inspiring people for generations, which is something we dip into over here in an article exploring the British Library’s 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland exhibition which was running until Sun 17th April 2016. We are submission-based creative blog and we couldn’t have achieved such a beautiful first theme without our lovely contributors – So thank you all!

Back to our theme –


Even though the theme that runs within this issue was initially an idea stemmed from a famous line in a children’s book, it has been interpreted in a myriad of ways by all of our lovely contributors; from the infatuation felt towards a stranger, to an extremely intriguing relationship between two different species.

Something learnt from putting together this issue is that curiosity connects with emotion, which could really explain why the hell Alice was so easily rattled.

We hope you enjoy!


The Tales Team


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