Lucent Studio Once Known as Eclectic Eccentricity: The Cosmic Voyager

Eclectic Eccentricity: a collection of jewellery that will take you out of this world.

Photographer: Sam Holden
Jewellery: Lucent Studio formerly known as Eclectic Eccentricity
Model: Eliza
Wardrobe: Models Own

Featured jewellery
One Small Step Moon Landing Astronaut Necklace
Perfect Alignment Solar System Necklace
Ephemeris Planetary Nebula Locket
If I Could Give You The Moon Moon Dust Necklace
Line Up Constellation Bracelet (Worn as choker)
Constellations Vintage Rings
Phase Moon Crescent Ring
Halo Cosmos Bangles
Over The Moon Lunar Locket
Moonwalk Outta Here Moon Necklace
To Infinity! Space Shuttle Necklace

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